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Be A Winner In Stock Market

People tends to fall in stock investing pitfall by being a GAMBLER. Stock market EXISTENCE is to SERVE us. So, we should understand the CORRECT way to DEAL with it... So, what is the INGREDIENT to be a WINNER in stock market? If we study all past successful stock investor, they are all VALUE INVESTOR. Off course, we can FIND some traders being MILLIONNAIRES & BILLIONNAIRES but, there are MINORITY not MAJORITY. I'm pretty very SURE. If you don't believe, TURN ON your computer and SERVE ONLINE, we will GET the answer RIGHT away...

Hereby, I wish to share with you what I HAVE GONE through my life by being a VALUE INVESTOR. There are definitely one of the most IMPORTANT ingredient we do need to possessed that is:

1) Believe in yourself: Often times, I receive responds and feedback by saying: "The stock you have mentioned seems moving very SLOW, Tony. I think is too slow, better I SELL it away and SHIFT to a stock recently have a NEWS it will spike... !!!" What I will do normally is SMILE and just WALK away because, occasionally a year or later that stock I have evaluated normally spike and grow consistently. Why should I argue with them? This is CALLED being an independently value investor. As WARREN BUFFETT, when other are greedy we need to be fearful and vice versa. I do believe people will always make mistake on short term profits and forget about the VALUE IN A STOCK. Therefore, I always stick to my PLAN and always believe in myself...

Wishing this week message can give you a GREAT INSIGHT on VALUE INVESTING in stock market...

Brought to you by,

Tony Lim

Master Trainer in WCT Worldwide Training



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