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Most Prominent US Election in year 2016 to Global Economy (见证最突出的美国选举在2016年如何影响到全球经济)

By referring to local current time in Malaysia 12:28pm. Donald trump is leading against Hillary. Many said Hilary will win this election and some said Donald Trump will. Who should we LISTEN to? In my point of view, we should be well prepared ourselves for both scenario. Either Donald Trump win the election or Hillary isn't the question we should ask or focus on. In contrast, we should focus on WHAT SHOULD WE REACT accordingly if anyone of them win the US election today...

Apparently, market will plunge is Donald trump won the election and vice versa. So, there are a few ACTION WE SHOULD TAKES based on US election result as below:

"Stock Market"

a) Donald Trump win -> Market Plunge -> Search for undervalued and good fundamental stock (US, Malaysia, Singapore, Mexico, Canada & Indonesia) to get in.

b) Hillary win -> Focus more on Healthcare sector (US) -> Stay on for short term investment (Malaysia & Singapore) -> China infrastructure stock will be focus point as well. (China)

"Real Estate Market"

a) Donald Trump win -> short term property market will depreciate or consolidate -> search for undervalued property and go for long term investment. (ASEAN market)

b) Hillary win -> there will NO TRADING WAR between China and US. Most properly real estate market will remain and go up further. US will continues to work with China, we need to focus more on industrial and commercial property. (Malaysia & Singapore)

"Currency Market"

a) Donald Trump win -> US dollar will plunge -> Can go for SHORT or SELL in US dollar versus other currency.

b) Hillary win - > US dollar might continues to go up further -> Can go for LONG or BUY in US dollar versus other currency.

"Trading Market"

a) Donald Trump win -> industrial and manufacturing sector will face a HARD TIME -> explore more market in CHINA due to "ONE BELT, ONE ROAD"

b) Hillary win -> industrial and manufacturing will remain same due to "NO MORE TRADING WAR between China and US.

Hope this information will be useful to you in your business, real estate, investing and trading decision making.

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Tony Lim

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