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Relationship Between Profits & Dividend (利润和股息的相关关连)

From years of my experience, there is having a close relationship between Profits & Dividend. If a company is growing in their profits then, their dividend will be following too. Therefore, investing in a grow stock, we should ensure that the company is having a year to year grow in their net profits. So, where can we look out for the profits information? There are available in "Annual Report" under Income Statement/Profits and Loss Statement. Hope this will add value along the way to your stock investing journey.

从我的经验来看,利润和股息之间有着密切的关系。 如果一家公司的利润增长,他们的股利也会随之增长。 因此,投资成长股,我们应该确保公司的净利润每年都有增长。 那么,我们可以在哪里找到净利润信息? 在“年度报告”下的损益表/利润表。 希望这信息可以帮助你在你的股票投资的旅程。

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