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Secret of Winning Investing Strategy 三大必胜投资策略...

Throughout the years, I have tried very hard to learn and search for what is the sure win formula to accumulate WEALTH through investing. Eventually, I found there is 3 activities involved; 1) Earn Money, 2) Invest our money by value investing in any sectors and 3) Continues growing it until becomes big. It is called compounding effect...

多年来,我一直努力学习和寻找通过什么包赢的投资公式可以积累财富。 最后,我发现有3个步骤; 1)赚钱,2)投资我们的钱通过价值投资在任何领域和 3)继续增长,直到资本变大。 它被称为复合效应...

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