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你完成了你的股市新年规划吗? Have You Done Your Stock Market New Year Revolution?



* 删除所有ROE低于15%的坏基本面公司。 * 检查我们的投资组合股票,达到PE> 25%。它还值得保持吗? * 哪些股票会受到宏观经济情绪的影响?例如,美元已经上涨,哪些股票将产生积极或消极的影响。


* 寻找那些股票贬值了很多,有一个良好基本面的公司。 * 准备我们的投资策略,如简单可靠分析法(SRA),价值箱交易系统法(VBTS)和



* 慢慢买入被低估的股票。


2016 is ending and 2017 is approaching. So, have we done our new year stock market revolution? Have you screen through which decision have you made right and wrong in year 2016 in stock market? What kind of strategy should we apply in stock market in year 2017?

Action Plan.1:

* Remove all bad fundamental company which is ROE lower than 15%.

* Check our portfolio stock which is reaching PE > 25%. Does it still worth holding?

* Which stock will be affected by macroeconomic sentiment? For example, US dollar has gone up which stock will be having positive and negative impact.

Action Plan.2:

* Look for those stock have depreciated a lot and having a good fundamental.

* Get ready our investing strategy such as Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA), Value Box Trading System (VBTS) and SRA (ROI.1). For more information, kindly find out from book named: The Powerful Value Investing Formula & How to Build My Own Cash Machine Through Stock Investment.

* Slowly get in undervalued stock.

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Tony Lim

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