Result Is The True Measurement In Life (结果是生活中的真实测量)

"Hey Tony, how are you? Now market is bad ho... It is hard to look for a prospect customer leh...., I think ah we need to wait for market to come back la..." This is a dialog my friends have shared with me... I feel so sorry and sad to know why? It is because I'm sure he is facing a hard time in his business, because he is keep blaming the market and not look inside himself... Actually, market moves in cycle and it is always it is... we do need to do is fine-tune ourselves and business strategy to make it happen, instead giving excuses and complaining about how bad the market is...

Still remember what I have learned from my (师公) "Result is the true measurement in life", People tends to blame others and complain about on the situation, but they have never think about themselves. Why do they fail... The answer is simple... Because, their brain is full with 1) Blame, 2) Complain and 3) Justifying...

Start from today, let's change ourselves and change the world to be a better place...Cheers...

“嘿,Tony,你好吗?现在市场很坏... ...很难找到潜在客户leh ....我想啊,我们需要等待市场回来了...”这是我的朋友与我分享的对话...我对他感到非常抱歉和伤心...你知道为什么吗?这是因为我相信他在他的生意中肯定面对一个困难的时刻,因为他是在责怪市场,而不是在自己内心找出答案...实际上,市场是周期循环的,它总是有他的循环...我们需要做的是调整自己和商业战略,使其发生,而不是给借口,抱怨市场是多么糟糕...



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