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The Newbiee Whisper in Stock Investing (股票投资新手的耳语)

I still can remember in my 1st year of stock investing as newbiee. I have been hearing a lot of inner whisper in myself telling me that:

"Don't you fear of losing your money in stock market?"

"Don't you worry of buying in wrong pricing and causing you on making a mistake?"

"Your stock is turning from profits to loss already, don't you worry you will loss all out?"

"Are you making a right choice on purchasing this stock?"

These are those whispering have never stop bothering me... However, I'm feeling bless that, all of this inner voices have stopped coming to me, and the reason I have been moving out from my "Newbiee Zone". It needs 3 years minimum from my experience to a newbiee to move out from newbiee whispering corner. Therefore, don't feel worry that if you have these kind of inner voice keep on bothering you, because once upon the time, me too. ;)

Looking forward to your success in stock investing... ...

我还记得在我第一年的股票投资 (作为新手的我)。 我持续听到很多内在耳语在自己告诉我自己:

“你害怕在股票市场上损失你的钱吗? “你不担心购买错股票价格,并导致你犯错误吗?” “你的股票已经从利润转为亏损,你不担心你会损失全部吗? “你选择购买这个股票是正确的决定吗?

这些耳语从来没有停止过...但是,我感到欣喜,现在所有这些内心的声音停止了干扰我。 从我的经验我们需要3年才能够成功走出去内耳语。 因此,不要担心,如果你有这种内心的声音继续困扰你,因为很久以前我也和你一样。 ;)

期待您的股票投资成功... ...

Brought to you by

Tony Lim

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