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Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award

This Award Presentation is organized in response to the government’s support for industrial development and advancement, by encouraging industrial participation and networking in order to increase competitiveness and subsequently move towards era of globalization.

The Asia Pacific Excellence Entrepreneur Alliance and The Entrepreneur Development Association Malaysia hopes to feature substantially strong and stable businesses in the market, and those with excellent performance in all areas or which have pioneered and made significant contributions towards society.

Their leadership will serve as role models and subsequently lead to the development of an “Asia Pacific Excellent Entrepreneurs Community”.

This could improve the industry’s overall image, and furthermore encourage other enterprises to actively participate in this area, to accept changes and innovate, and to establish competitive advantages in order to embrace the challenges posed by the electronic era.

Having this Award Presentation will help to enhance and develop opportunities for communication and interaction between local and foreign enterprises.

It also creates opportunities for industries to learn and emulate from each other, forming more joint co-operations so as to contribute more significantly towards the economic development of the Asia Pacific Region.

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Lim Sen Tian, The Founder of WCT Worldwide Training is honored to be recognized by British Publishing House as one of Malaysia's successful people in 2020.


'Everyone is born with the key to wealth, success and superiority. It is not about what we are doing but how we make it happen!

Thank you Britishpedia for featuring me in the book of Successful People In Malaysia."

Love, Tony Lim


GOLDEN BULL AWARD 2021 - The 15th Malaysia Outstanding Business Award

The Golden Bull Award offers the solution paired with opportunities. Through its prestigious recognition, the award tells of quality and trust of its winners, bringing a focus of attention to those on our platform. The international reach of this award also promotes cross-border recognition, stimulating growth and partnership. The Golden Bull Award is an opportunity to rise above the ordinary onto the global stage.

The Award will also receive the backing of powerful media locally and internationally. Building upon the existing support of government efforts, the award will be an ascension towards new levels.

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