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Journey To Greatness of Tony Lim
     (From Nobody To Somebody)

Tony Lim succeeded in achieving an outstanding result and became a Top Student under Business Management course during his studies in secondary school.

在求学期间,Tony Lim成功取得优秀的成绩并成为了商业管理课程的优秀生。

By duplicating and repeating his success formula, Tony has managed to graduate as Honor (Hons) in his Bachelor Degree in Real Estate Management.

Once again, Tony has proved that hard work only pays off when it meets someone who persists to his personal success.




After joining in a corporate real estate company, Tony worked very hard to very extreme to ensure delivering better qualities of services to his client who has entrusted their property to him.


After working hard for few years, Tony Lim was successfully ranked top in his company for few categories such as Top Lister, Top Producer, Top Recruiter & Top Manager. 


经过几年的打拼之后,Tony Lim 成功在公司获得了杰出的头衔,不仅是最佳客户委托员,还是最佳经理人,最佳生产员及最佳招聘员等等。

The outstanding achievement did not stop Tony Lim to continue the strike for a better result but gave him the power to move on to the next level.

Eventually, he successfully achieved #1 in his real estate agency. During that period, his real estate agency had managed to own more than 8,000 property agents.

杰出的成就并没阻挡Tony Lim继续进步,反而使他持续前进并努力奋斗。终于,皇天不负有心人, 他在地产代理领域中成为了#1。那段时间,他加盟的房地产公司拥有8,000多个房地产代理员。


Awards & Achievement have never stop Tony to carry on his passion for continuing self-development.

Hence, he boosted himself in a different sector and honorably certified in Numerologues from United Kingdom (UK), AINA.


Tony Lim believes that the formula to keep oneself on tip-top performance is keep improving himself.

Therefore, he keeps learning from those who are at the Top, for example, speakers from Success Resources like Tony Robbins, T-Harv.Eker, Less Brown and etc.

Tony Lim认为要让自己一直处在顶端的方法就是让自己不断地提升与进步。因此,他从没停止向那些成功人士学习,以从他们的身上学到不同的知识。


‘Learning how to create a Business Model to make your business be able to adapt with current market competitiveness. A successful business will always need a right and workable business model. Thanks to Lin Wei Xian on making me understand on that.’


‘Thanks to Deborah for making me understand about the best way to be a great trainer and speaker ;).  It really pushes me to the next level.'



Learning hard and working hard makes Tony be Top again as Top Lister of the month in the company.



Do you think it is only for a month?  No, it is several months appear to be the Top on company Top Board. ;) Hard work will always pay!


你以为这只有一个月吗?那么你就错了,因为这持续了好几个月。 ;)努力工作, 付出代价总会有回报的一天!


Tony Lim has never been selfish, he always loves to share and learn.  He had shared with hundreds of students about his winning strategy to make them be success in their academics as well as co-curriculum. 


Tony Lim从不自私分享他的任何经验,他总是喜欢分享和学习。他曾与数百名学生分享过他的制胜策略,使他们在各自的学习路上获得优良成绩以及时刻准备好面对未来的挑战。


Tony Lim's sharing at TEDx UTM with the theme "Charting Your Path to True Success". He is dedicated to inspiring university students to bravely pursue their dreams by sharing personal experiences and insights, guiding young individuals towards the path of true success.


Tony Lim在TEDx UTM大学分享,带来了主题为“Charting Your Path to True Success” (绘制通往成功的道路)的演讲。他鼓励大学生勇敢追梦,通过分享个人经历和见解,为年轻人指引通往成功的道路。

Featured in Newspaper in 星洲日报

tedx newspaper.png

Tony Lim has been selected by the Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee (APC) and appointed as the Chairman of the Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Committee (APC) - International Finance Literacy of Professional Committee.


Tony Lim非常荣幸地被Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand Committee (APC)筛选并且委任成为亚太杰出品牌国际委员会(亚太会)- 国际财商专业委员会主席

asia pacific top chairman.jpg

Tony Lim continues sharing from school level to corporate level.


Tony Lim的分享历程可以从学校层面到企业层面。

Some of his students who had participated the programme named: 'Know Yourself, Control Your Destiny'!


曾参加过我们课程的一些学生, 课程名为:“认识自己,掌控未来”!


Tony Lim's sharing never end...


Tony Lim的分享会从没有停止过...

Years Tony Lim had chosen to be silent on his stock investing strategies.  In the year 2012, Tony decided to share and disclose to the world.  Tony has invented his own successful stock investing and trading formula named: Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) and Value Box Trading System (VBTS), 3 Kind of Segments Market Players (3MSP) and more. Today, he has shared with hundreds of students worldwide. 


多年来Tony Lim他选择了对他的股票投资策略保持沉默。 直到2012年,Tony才决定透露他的股票投资策略给全世界。Tony发掘了他自己成功的股票投资和交易公式, 名为:简单可靠的分析法 (SRA),,超值箱交易系统 (VBTS) 和3MSP市场玩家分析法等等。



Tony Lim believes in order to be wealthy, we must master in business, real estate investing, stock investing (value investing) and trading. Therefore, he has started his journey to share with the public about the importance to master the knowledge and skills. 


Tony Lim认为想成为有钱人,我们必须学习经营商业,房地产投资,股票投资(价值投资)和交易。因此,他开始了他的旅程,向大家分享这个重要的信息,掌握这些知识和技能,想成为有钱人就绝不是梦。

Tony Lim's Sharing in Dewan Ekonomi Magazine.  


Tony Lim's Sharing in Global Business Magazine.  

Tony Lim在商天下杂志的分享在2015...

Featured in Newspaper in 光明日报 and 星洲日报


It is WCT Worldwide Training (Wealth Creation) pleasure to work together with 星洲日报 on sharing stock investment knowledge.


WCT Worldwide Training (Wealth Creation) 很高兴能与星洲日报一起合作分享股票投资知识。

Featured in The Sun Daily Newspaper


Featured in 论金 China Renowned Magazine


Trader's Fair Keynote Speaker



Thanks to Harris for the support and arrangement to make this happen again.  It is always my pleasure to share my stock investing knowledge to public...


Invited by various universities and schools to conduct an education sharing


Young Bursa TARUC


Sekolah Menengah Foon Yew


Invited As Regular CityPlus Radio Station Analyst (受邀请担任定期CityPlus广播电台分析师)


Tony truly understands that sharing is an equation while helping people utilize what has been learned is another equation. Therefore, he decided that the best way to help others to understand the knowledge in property and stock market are through training and practicing. On the training side, Tony will continue conducting the seminar to share his knowledge.  However, in another side of practicing, Tony will choose to be a real estate agent to share with all of his on ground real estate experiences.  With hope, this can assist the clients, investor and students to get rid off their real estate problem. 


Tony了解到有关分享只能帮助一部分人, 而教育人们采取行动把原理与理论改成行动又是另一个部分。因此,Tony选择以行动的方式来帮助其他人,借此让人们对房地产和股票市场有更有效的理解。因此,Tony认为最好的办法就是通过培训和实践才可以看到效果。在培训方面,Tony将继续举办研讨会与分享会。另外,在房地产方面,Tony选择使用成为房地产经纪人的方法并且与所有人分享房地产的经验。他希望为此可以帮助到所有对房地产投资有兴趣的人可以摆脱在房地产投资时所面对的问题。


Tony Lim
Background (背景)

  • Founder of WCT Worldwide Training and WBA Marketing (WCT和WBA的创办人)

  • Professional Committee of International Financial Literacy of APC Chairman(亚太会国际财商专委会主席)

  • A full-time investor with over 15 years of investment experience(拥有超过15年投资经验的全职投资者)

Publication (著作)

  • The Powerful Value Investing Formula

  • How to Build My Own Cash Machine Through Stock Investment

  • The Key (Charting Your Path To True Success)

  • 趋势为王 百万赢家

Career Achievements (职业成就)

  • Certified Train the Trainer (TTT) from Malaysia (马来西亚TTT认证培训师)

  • Certified ACTA Trainer from Workforce Skills Qualifications (WSQ) from Singapore (新加坡ACTA认证培训师)

  • Certified Numerologues Practitioner from AINA, UK, "英国 AINA, Numerologues 认证命理讲师 (CPM)

  • 2017 Invest Fair Invited Speaker (2017年投资展 Invest Fair 讲师)

  • 2017 Malacca Securities invited Speaker, featured in Newspaper 光明日报 and 星洲日报  

  • 2018 Trader's Fair & Gala Night, Keynote Speaker (Trader's Fair @ 2018 主讲人)

  • 2018 FinanceWord, Keynote Speaker (FinanceWord @ 2018 主讲人)

  • As CityPlus Radio Station Regular Stock & Future Market Analyst (作为CityPlus广播电台常邀股票和期货市场分析师)

  • Master Trainer, Speaker & Motivational Speaker from WCT Worldwide Training - Wealth Creation,

  • "WCT Worldwide Training 公司的首席股票, 房地产与激励讲师"

  • 2019 Excellence Emerging Entrepreneur, Asia Pacific Business NOBEL Award (卓越新兴企业家,亚太区商业诺贝尔奖)

  • 2020 Successful People in Malaysia by British Publishing House Ltd (马来西亚成功名人录)

  • 2021 Golden Bull Award - The 15th Malaysia Outstanding Business Award (金牛奖)

  • 2021 The 18th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award (亚太国际诚信奖)

  • 2022 Lang International Corporate Titan Award (LICTA) recognized & supported by the Malaysian government

  • 2023 Appointed as the Chairman of Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Committee (APC) - International Finance Literacy of Professional Committee

Education Sharing (教育分享)

  • Invited by various universities and schools to conduct an education sharing, he personally approached and engaged the students and share his knowledge regarding the financial market with them, which includes Tunku Abdul Rahman University College (TARUC), Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM), Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM), Multimedia University (MMU), Southern Universiti College and Sekolah Menengah Foon Yew (被各所大学和学校邀请进行教育分享,与学生分享有关金融市场的知识,包括Tunku Abdul Rahman大学学院(TARUC),马来西亚理工大学(UTM),马来西亚北方大学(UUM),多媒体大学 (MMU),南方大学学院和宽柔中学。)

  • 2023 Sharing at TEDxUTM with the theme "Charting Your Path to True Success" (在TEDxUTM大学分享,带来了主题为”绘制通往成功的道路“的演讲。

Founder (创始人)

3 Kind of Segment Market Players (3MSP), Simple Reliable Analysis (SRA) & Value Box Trading System (VBTS), SRA (ROI.1,2 & 3), The Mind Map of Proactive Plan (2M2P), The Power of 3 Stock Categories (P3SC), Trading Psychology Surveillance System (TPSS) and Best’s Capital Protection Leveraging (BCPL), Rebound Recognition Strategies (RSS), "Know Yourself, Control Your Destiny" & "Your Secret Code To Success" & Professional Certification in Personal Profiling Reengineering (PPR)

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