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Real Estate Product & Services by Tony Lim 

(Tony Lim提供的房地产产品与服务)

1.  Sales and Rental of Properties (房地产销售和出租服务)

2.  Marketing of Local and Overseas Properties (本地及海外房地产销售)

3.  Property Management Services (房地产管理服务)

4.  Consultancy and Research Services (房地产咨询和研究服务)

5.  Asset Management & Property Investment Services (资产管理及物业


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Tony Lim PROVEN SECRET to Sell Your House For The Best Profit And In The Fastest Time! Tony Lim

(Tony Lim将使用经过验证的策略和在最快的时间内为你的房子销售在最佳的利润上!)

1.  Count The Cost: Selling your house effectively is a mind's game; the results of which are determined by what you desire, deserve and do.


(计算成本:有效地卖掉你的房子是一个心灵游戏; 其结果是由您的期望,值得和行动来做决定)


2.  Leverage On Knowledge: Using the right knowledge correctly is power. The more relevant information you know and use effectively to market your property, the higher your chance of the sale.

(利用知识:正确的使用知识就是一种力量。 您所了解及有效利用的相关信息越多,您的房地产销售的机会就会越高)


3. Put on 'Buyer's Eyes': What you perceive does not matter, it is what the buyer feels that counts.



4. Know Their 'Enemies': The rate of success is proportionate to the number of unique and positive differentials between your house and other similar houses in the market. 



5.  Stage Your House: Buyers buy the satisfaction of the lifestyles, not the specifications of the house. 



6.  Improve Curb Appeal: If buyers do not like the external facade of your house, they may not even step inside. 



7.  Price It Right: Pricing is the skill of maximizing your returns at an acceptable price to a qualified buyer and lending institutions that will finance the purchase. 

(规定正确的价格:定价是一门艺术, 我们应该以合理的购买价及需要考虑到贷款机构为合理融资才可接受最大的回报技能)


8.  Appoint The Correct Agent:  The success of a marketing campaign to sell your house depends very much on your exclusive agent. When you select the right agent and develop a positive working relationship with him.

(选择正确的代理人:销售您的房屋的营销活动是否进行成功很大程度上是取决于您的独家代理。 当您选择正确的代理人并与他建立积极的工作关系时就开始了)


9.  Respect Buyer's Privacy: Buyers need space to fall in love with your house and your intrusive presence will hinder the desired outcome. 



10. Negotiate to Close The Sale:  Closing is not the most important part of selling, it is EVERYTHING you do right from the moment you decide to sell, to the last detail of the transaction. 

(一个成功的销售背后就是谈判:成交并不是销售的最重要部分,每当您决定出售时, 所有的交易直到最后一个细节,都非常重要)




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