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Tony Lim

Full-time Investor

with over 20 years of investment and trading experience.

Founder of WCT Worldwide Training & WBA Marketing

ACTA Certified Trainer from Singapore & Malaysia

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​【Meanwhile, Tony Lim is also】
The Author of 4 Bestselling Books


Sharing at TEDxUTM with the theme "Charting Your Path to True Success"


TEDx Speaker

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Chairman of Professional Committee - International Financial Literacy


Appointed as the Chairman of Professional Committee - International Financial Literacy, Asia Pacific TOP Excellence Brand International Committee (APC)


Through years of effort, we have gained recognition from the public and received awards in both the corporate and educational sectors.

We aim to elevate the standard of living of the Malaysian public by providing proper financial education, guiding individuals in sound financial management and investment practices.

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We're honored to have received LICTA which recognized & supported by the Malaysian government


Over the years, the awards we've received include:

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