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'Perhaps, you might forget what you have shared with me! But, I won't forget even a single word which has changed my life. Thank you! ;)'


'Thanks to Mr.Rossi for sharing with me on how to utilize the internet and social media in my business. The message from your book titled 'Dog Eat Dog' is really fantastic. Thumbs up!'


”谢谢Mr.Rossi与我分享了如何使用互联网和社交媒体来经营我的生意。您的书名“Dog Eat Dog”实在是太棒了。”

'Thanks to Donald Yeo for years of sharing and coaching on how to be a successful real estate agent in real estate business.'


"感谢Donald Yeo多年的提拔和指导我如何成为一个成功的房地产企业经纪人。"

'Thanks to Dr. Patrick Liew for your sharing on great property investment strategy. I have benefited a lot. Cheers!'


"感谢Dr.Patrick Liew和我分享了您的房地产投资策略。我受益匪浅。"

'Thanks to Dennis Tay for coaching me on how to deal with real estate marketing. You are awesome!'


"多年来我都非常想感谢的一个人—— Dennis Tay你的指导让我懂得如何应对房地产市场, 尤其是如何给客户最好的服务。 你太棒了!"

'Thanks to Mr. Mohamed Ismail, Propnex Realty CEO for your kind sharing, I have learned a lot from you.'


"感谢Mohamed Ismail先生, Propnex Realty CEO的分享,再次让我从你身上学到了很多东西尤其是有关房地产的业务。谢谢"

'One of the best developer which I have learned from. Build best product which is always best to market needs, Dato Sri Dr. Vincent. Great man!'


"在我人生中遇到的其中一位最好的房地产开发者。总是开发最好的房地产来满足市场的需求,拿督斯里Dr.Vincent。 值得学习的导师!"

'Thanks to John, after meeting and learning from you on lease option in the property.  Now, I understand that, lease option is one of the best way to invest in property.'


"感谢John, 从你的分享中我学习到许多有关房地产租赁选项 (Lease Option)。现在,我明白了房地产租赁选项是投资于房地产的最佳选择途径之一。"

'Great motivation I have obtained from you, thanks to Dato Terry Ong, CEO of Wealth Mastery.’


“非常感谢Wealth Mastery首席执行官拿督翁特里Terry Ong, 你给了我巨大的动力, 我为您的成功而感到骄傲。”

‘Thanks to Sandy Jadeja on sharing about candlestick trading strategies, it is very useful to me.’


“感谢Sandy Jadeja 分享了关于日本蜡烛图表交易策略,这对我非常有用, 这使我的交易策略提升到了一个更高的水平。”

‘One of the best real estate trainer in Malaysia, Mr.Warrick. After knowing you have made me understand on how important to invest in property, as well as acquiring 10 properties by age of 60 is really possible. Excellent man, thumbs up!!!’


“在马来西亚,Mr.Warrick是最好的房地产教师。基于他多年的房地产经验,今天他与许多人分享如何在60岁之前拥有10间房地产, 听了他的分享后让我明白了这是有可能实现的梦想。你是一个优秀的房地产教师!”

It is my pleasure to learn from Sharan Valiram, Executive Director of Valiram Group who is running Billion dollars company.  One of the key pillars, I have learned from Sharan's leadership style is investment in human capital.  He believes deeply in inspiring people to practice to achieve perfection.


“非常感谢也很荣幸能从Sharan Valiram集团执行董事学习。 我从Sharan Valiram的领导风格中学到的主要支柱之一就是投资于人力资本。 他深信激励人们实践个人完美可以把公司推向上一个级别。”

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