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If you are still a newbie and you would like to get started in investing in properties in Singapore & Malaysia, you are probably wondering what should be the first type of property that you should buy.  You might have heard that the real estate investing is one of the best places to invest your money in, but do you really know what kind of property you should go for it?
You might not yet well aware of the various types of properties in the market and still groping your way through it. Being a beginner in the field, what could be the safest type of investment that you will be able to handle well?



如果你是一个房地产投资新手,你想知道什么是最好的房地产投资方法或模式,那么你就应该阅读完这一页, 你想知道第一间房产应该购买什么样类型的房产, 那么你就应该继续从本网站学习, 你可以免费学到很多房地产的投资策略。您可能听说过,房地产投资是保存金钱最好的地方之一,但你真的不知道该如何开始。你可能还不是非常了解不同类型的不动产投资策略,有在房地产投资的初学者市场,你仍可以通过本网站学习摸索适合自己的投资方式并实践它。让我们现在就开始学习... ...



Real estate investment is a career, it needs knowledge, experience and a lot of market research. Therefore, we ought to examine the essential dos and don’ts of buying and renting out a house, how to build a buy-to-let empire and how to keep the good tenants — and avoid the bad ones.


房地产投资是一种职业, 它需要知识,经验和大量的市场调查。因此,我们应该理解购买后要如何管理我们的资产与如何建立一个属于我们自己的房地产帝国,如何保持良好的租户并且我们应该做什么和不该做什么。




Do you know the risks as well as the benefits? Is a buy-to-let really what you want? Would your money do better elsewhere?  Investing in buy-to-let involves committing ten thousands of pounds to a property and, typically, taking out a mortgage. When house prices rise, you can make big gains above your mortgage debt — but when they fall your deposit is eaten into and the mortgage stays the same. Property investing has paid off handsomely for many people in terms of both income and gains, but you must go into it with your eyes wide open, acknowledging the potential advantages and disadvantages. If you know someone who has invested in buy-to-let or let a property before, ask them about their experiences, warts and all. The more knowledge you have and the more research you do, the better the chance of your investment paying off.


你了解风险的好处吗?买了后出租是你真正想要的吗?如果你的钱投资在别处会有更好的盈利吗?投资房地产包含数万元的投资及贷款,通常在这种情况下,当房价上涨,你将会通过您的贷款来赚入大笔收益 - 但是当房价跌到您的贷款价格以下,你将被迫付更多的分期付款或代表将开始赔钱。房产投资的丰厚回报让许多人在这两个收入及收益方面得到平衡,但你必须小心和尽力调查后才可以做出你的购买决策,理解潜在的优势和劣势。如果你有朋友投资过房地产及有经验你可以向他们学习。因为当你了解得越多, 你的收益就回更大。


2. CHOOSE THE RIGHT AREA (选择合适的区域来投资)


It’s all about location, location, location — and generally, the more promising, the better, which means a place where people would like to live. This can be formed by a variety of reasons. What is the particular appeal that most attractive in a town or city? If you are in a commuter belt, is the transportation convenience? Where is the better education institution for young families? Which area is more preferably by the students?


房地产投资最重要的是关于地点,地点,地点 - 所谓更好的地点,意味着人们愿意居住的地方。这可用于多种原因。如果某一个城市或城镇具有特殊的吸引力, 那么这将会吸引更多的人居住。如果你是在通勤区,那么这片区域是否会有良好的交通联系?对于年轻的家庭, 哪里有好的学校呢?




Don’t just walk into your bank or building society and ask for a mortgage. Many High Street lenders don’t handle buy-to-let borrowing.   Speak to a good independent broker. They can talk you through the deals available and help you weigh up which one is right for you, and whether to fix or track.






Instead of asking yourself whether you like to live in your buy-to-let property, put yourself in the shoes of your target tenant. Who are they and what do they want or need? If they are students, the property must be easy to clean and comfortable, but not luxurious. If they are young professionals, it should be modern and stylish, not overbearing. If they are a family, they will have their own belongings and probably need a blank canvas. Allowing tenants to make their marks on the property to make it feel more like home for them and they will want to stay longer.




5. KNOW THE PITFALLS  (了解投资的陷阱)


Before you make any investment, investigate the downsides. House prices are rising but growth has slowed and they could fall. If property prices dip, will you be able to continue holding your investment? Mortgage rates are low at the moment and that is encouraging people to invest, as rental income comfortably covers the mortgage. But what if they rise again? Houses often need repairing and things can go wrong. If you don’t have enough fund in the bank to cover the major repair, such as a new boiler, then don’t invest yet.


你在做任何投资之前,需要小心调查每个投资的缺点。如果房价都在上涨,但增速却有所放缓,那房价可能随时都会下降。如果房地产价格探底,您可以继续持有你的投资吗?抵押贷款利率有时较低,但这也是在鼓励人们投资房地产,如租金收入将高过抵押贷款。但,如果它们又再次上涨呢?如果你没有足够的银行储蓄,并准备好维修费, 那么您就不应该投资。


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