Tony Lim Vision & Mission In Real Estate 

Tony Lim对房地产任务的愿景

Tony Lim Milestone in Real Estate Business 

Tony Lim房地产业务里程碑

Tony Lim Milestone in Business & Education 

Tony Lim创业和教育里程碑

January 2011
Founded SRA (Simple Reliable Analysis) & VBTS (Value Box Trading System) formula suitable to help in Malaysia, Singapore & US stock market 
January 2011
Set up a company named Wealth Creation & educational platform to train in Stock Investing & Real Estate Investment
January 2012
Published a best-seller book named: "The Powerful Value Investing Formula"
January 2013
Became Certified ACTA Trainer in Singapore
January 2013
Author in Global Business Magazine, conduct routine sharing in HARRIS & MPH bookstore
January 2014
Expanding Wealth Creation stock investing program to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 
January 2014
1. Capital Risk Tradeoff Levering      
2. SRA (ROI.1,2 & 3)
3. 3 Kind of Segment Market Player
4. The Mind Map of Proactive Plan
5. The Power of 3 Stock Categories
6. Trading Psychology Surveillance
     System (TPSS)
7.  Best Capital Protection
     Leveraging (BCPL)
8. Rebound Recognition Strategies
January 2015
Invited by R & F Properties to share on market trend analysis
January 2016
Obtained to be ACTA Certified Trainer in Malaysia
January 2016
Published 2nd book named: How to Build My Own CASH MACHINE through stock investment
January 2016
Upgraded Wealth Creation to be WCT Worldwide Training 

January 2016

Enhancing "New Evolution of Value Investing Formula" in stock market program with FUTURE & WARRANT Trading

January 2017

Invited routine Speaker in Harris Bookstore

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