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Slow But Safe (SBS) in Stock Investing

When we talks about investing in equity market, people always keener to talk about QUICK PROFITS and totally forgot about the RISK he/she should TAKE! To me, I look at equity investing into 3 angles, there are short term, middle term and long term. It sounds cliche but this is always my style. Today, I would like to talk about long term investing in stock market.

Apparently, when we talk about long term investment it couldn't escape from value investing. The best GURU who share about VALUE INVESTING is BENJAMIN GRAHAM and WARREN BUFFETT. Value investing is investing in a company which is having:

1) A Good Management

2) Consistent profits making in the company

3) The price is selling below the real value or intrinsic value

So, the question is, which stock is selling below the real value today? I will be picking one of my favorite stock in Malaysia today and share. That stock name Top Glove Corporation Berhad, quote: 7113


A stock that draw my attention with good management and consistent profits growing. However, it is not always is the good timing to get in this stock. However, I found the stock is selling below value recently and there is still much more room to go up. A good company with a record RM7.00 during pick time and it is selling around RM4.710 only, such a good discounted company is hard to find in life time. Therefore, I decided to share with all my friends, students and followers.

If you are a LONG TERM investor and wishing to HOLD for long term. This will be a good stock for you. One of my most respected chairman in listed company Mr.Lim Wee Chai. ;)

Top Glove Corporate Video

Warmest regards,

Tony Lim

WCT Worldwide Training

Academy. Property. Finance (APF)


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