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Believe You Can Make It!

Try to THINK about it. Many friends and relatives keener to DISCOURAGE more or ENCOURAGE us more? When you have an ideal and we tell them. Normally, WHAT will they respond? They will tell us, it is IMPOSSIBLE, don't WASTE your time TRYING, stick to your current JOB and PLAN. So, we won't get HURT! Apparently, I translated it by saying: they are telling us in front of our FACE which is, DON'T BE FOOL, you will not be able to make it...

Thinking back many YEARS ago, when I communicated with my FRIENDS that VALUE INVESTING is one of the BEST WAY to FINANCIAL FREEDOM. Be it in STOCK MARKET or in REAL ESTATE MARKET. My friends laugh at me and saying, do you THINK you can be LIKE WARREN BUFFETT, don't waste your time la....Just do your job la..... I still remember.

Time passed by, 13 years is over. My friend is still doing the same job everyday over and over again, NO INVESTING and only SAVING in the BANK. Today, we can SEE that they are MANY PEOPLE are TALKING about VALUE INVESTING in stock market and real estate market. People are making tons of money such as Robert Kiyosaki, Warren Buffett, Bill Miller, Phil Town and more we can mention... Why not my friends...The reason is SIMPLE, because he CHOOSE to believe that in LIFE, we should live in tough environment and there is NO and ABSOLUTELY NO WAY OUT....

Thus, message I wish to pass down to everyone is: Don't be like my friend, believe in yourself, you can make it...If nobody is believing in YOU...I BELIEVE IN YOU. It is because I KNOW and I UNDERSTAND, everybody is BORN to be UNIQUE... Cheers.

Let's see what in Hubert H. Humphrey quote is saying...

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Tony Lim

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Academy. Property. Finance (APF)

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