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A Million Dollar Investing Methodology

Often time, we come across many investors or traders who are discussing and recommending a stock. It might based on fundamental, technical or news, the ideal of stock could look attractive occasionally to some extend. However, would people purchase that stock or not, then would be another question...

To most success value investor like Benjamin Graham, Warren Buffett & Bill Miller to them, it is a simple question! If there is a million dollar on hand, would we dare to invest in that particular stock? Try to think, that MILLION dollar is your ENTIRE SAVING FOR RETIREMENT FUND... If, our answer is definite YES. Congratulation, we KNOW what are we invested. In other words, we understand the COMPANY and WHY DO WE INVESTING in THEM. This always is the BASIC for most successful value investor and fund manager. But, many people will be missed out, due to being TEMPT by FAST MONEY and QUICK MONEY SCHEME which GUARANTEE us a HIGH RETURN in a short period of time.

Think about it, if it is so GOOD without RISK INVOLVED and comes with guarantee return. They will not be SELLING or asking us to join in right? As nature, as mankind we always being tempt by GREED and FEAR. Therefore, start from today! We do need ask ourselves WHY AM I INVESTING IN THOSE COMPANY? Find out the reason before pulling your TRIGGER. Believe me, it always is a right step...

Let's learn from Warren Buffett quotes.

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