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Frequency of RIGHT Investment Decision

Many traders and investors tend to think that MAKING A SERIES of RIGHT INVESTING DECISION is very SIGNIFICANT on their stock investing journey. But, as all successful investor and fund manager said, they can't 100% predict the FUTURE of FINANCIAL MARKET. If someone tell us they can PREDICT what will be happening tomorrow, and he/she is making a RIGHT prediction. Then, it can concluded that it is definitely by LUCK! Essentially, It is because we CAN'T 100% predict the market even WARREN BUFFETT and GEORGE SOROS have admitted, it is not POSSIBLE.

Thus, we should FORGET about learning how to predict the market. Instead, we should PURSUE the methodologies and skills on how to ENSURE optimum profits under this unpredictable market conditions. The answer is SIMPLE, always ensure we are PURCHASING a GOOD COMPANY in a DISCOUNTED PRICE, and CONSISTENTLY get in the RIGHT TIME. The question is NO MANY investor possessed the knowledge on SELECTING the RIGHT COMPANY, DISCOUNTED PRICE and RIGHT TIME.

Therefore, we should always CHALLENGE ourselves to improve in such KNOWLEDGE. So, we can consistently making profits in unpredictable market condition.

Let's learn from George Soros quotes.

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