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Why Traders or Investors Fail in Financial Market?

Do we ever ask ourselves WHY most of the TRADERS and INVESTORS FAIL in financial market? And, why some traders and investors are making GOOD & CONSISTENT PROFITS throughout the year? The question is WHY? I have ever asked myself this similar question before, but I couldn't find a RIGHT MAN to explain to me.... There are always 10/90 rules in trading, most of the 10% of traders are WINNER and 90% of traders are loser. Why would this happen and it has happened in many century since hundreds years ago and, it keeps repeating itself!

Why there are still many people are still FALL INTO this TRAP? Why, there is NO SOLUTION for this? The answer is SIMPLE, people still didn't understand about MENTAL ACCOUNTING PHILOSOPHY. Did you ever met a friend or heard from your friend who is MAKING GOOD PROFITS in years ago and, when you met him 5 years later he told you he has lost all his capital and what he has made, the worse case is he told you that he will never involved in TRADING & INVESTING again due to TOTAL LOST OF CONFIDENT...

Try to ask ourselves a question if we have been given $10,000 as START UP CAPITAL for investment and we made $1,000,000! After a few years, we lose up entire profits included our INITIAL CAPITAL $10,000, how much would we THINK WE HAVE LOST? If, the ANSWER is $10,000 /= Then, we might infected MENTAL ACCOUNTING problem! This is very SERIOUS, many who has FAILED in their TRADING & INVESTING business is due to MENTAL ACCOUNTING problem. I have faced it before and I overcome it! So, I'm truly understand how hard it is, when it infected us...It is very HARD OVERCOME IT. This is never a SECRET anymore to all SUCCESSFUL TRADERS AND INVESTORS. In fact, most of the successful traders and investors do understand this.

Let's see what Charlie Monger successful value investors said, he is a Warren Buffett investing partners in Berkshire Hathaway. One of my respected man...

Brought to you by,

Tony Lim

WCT Worldwide Training

Academy.Property.Finance (APF)

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