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Make Our Money Work Hard...

Option. 1: We Need to Work Harder => If Our Money $$$ Is Lazy Sleeping In The Bank

Option.2: Our Money Need to Work Very Hard => If We Put Our Money $$$ to Work Hard for Us.

Try to think about which option do you THINK is WORKING BEST to us? As a life cycle, we will be getting OLD DAY BY DAY. Our physically will not as STRONG as 10 years ago if we look back. So, what is the BEST ASSET in ourselves? Money?

In my opinion is KNOWLEDGE... The knowledge of letting our MONEY WORKS HARD for US will make any individual to be different from day to day, week to week and decade to decade... Making money works will involve in DIFFERENCE CHOICES we should MAKE such as...should we put our money in BUSINESS, FINANCE INSTRUMENT or KNOWLEDGE...

By looking back 10 years ago, I have made a RIGHT choice by INVESTING TONS of MONEY in my KNOWLEDGES buying books, attending seminar & listening to audio lesson. Till today, I'm still investing in myself. The main reason is the most VALUABLE ASSET is always our KNOWLEDGE. People can rob our money & tangible asset away, but not for knowledge. Knowledge will always be our most VALUABLE INTANGIBLE ASSET.

Therefore, we should always learn to IMPROVE our KNOWLEDGE to make us to be more VALUABLE PERSON instead of spending our money away in somewhere isn't helping on increase our PERSONAL VALUE, instead just for our SELF-INDULGENT.

Let's learn from Napolean Hill about MONEY.

Brought to you by,

Tony Lim

WCT Worldwide Training

Academy.Property.Finance (APF)

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