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Why people tends to FAIL in stock market?

Throughout many years, we saw some people are succeeded in stock investing and there are some people tends to fail in stock investment. Do we ever ask ourselves a question WHY? Why there are tons of MILLIONAIRES AND BILLIONAIRES are investing in stock market? If there is NOT the WEALTH HEAVEN then, we will not be able to SEE there are so many multi-millionaires are invested in stock market? So, I would like to share my point of view on why people tends to fail in stock market?

The paramount key of people tends to fail in stock market is a word call "EGO"! Most of the very successful stock investor possed a MAIN INGREDIENT called HUMBLE. Being humble is very important to make us continues success and profits in stock market. We can see that, some investor make money and losses money at the end of the day... It seems can't sustain for a long period of time. The question is WHY? The answer is EGO. If we think we are GOD or we have already known everything in stock market. Then, there is the time perils will come, because we need to keep on learning and improving ourselves to ensure ourselves updated and ensure a continuous profits in the stock market. Try to see WARREN BUFFET, BENJAMIN GRAHAM, RICHARD DRIEHAUS and all successful stock investors. They are possed a main ingredient to be continuous success in stock investing by being HUMBLE.

Let's learn from Mr.Ron quotes. How to be a successful stock investor which can see a world economic from difference angles.

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Tony Lim

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