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One of The Main Ingredient for Successful Investor is "Patience"

Many people think that success need to scout for FAST TRACK, we tend to believe SHORT-CUT is the ultimate way for success. Essentially, we can see most of the SUCCESSFUL man bound to face a lot of CHALLENGES and FAILURES in life. But, what makes them to carry on is a word called "Hold on", there will be a better way to do it. It is just we didn't realize yet. Once, we get it RIGHT, success will NATURALLY FLOW IN. We ought to possess an ingredient which most of the successful man inherent which is called: "Patience". We should always keep wake ourselves up and say: "Hold on, hang on", there will be a better way and I will not give up until I WIN... ...!!!

许多人认为成功需要侦察FAST TRACK,我们倾向于相信SHORT-CUT是成功的最终方式。 基本上,我们可以看到大多数成功的人在生活中面临很多挑战和失败。 但是,他们继续坚持的是一个词 称为 “坚持”,继续寻找一个更好的方法去完成一个目标。 这只是我们还没有意识到有一个更好的方法。 一旦,我们意识到它后,成功将自然显现。 我们应该拥有一种大多数成功者拥有的成分被称为“耐心”。 我们应该总是保持唤醒自己,说:“坚持,坚持在坚持”,将会有一个更好的方式来实现我的梦想,我不会放弃,直到我赢得... ...!

See what Bill Gates said from his quotes (看看比尔·盖茨的引语):

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