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The Salvation of Stock Market

很久以前,作为人类,我们了解救恩,这个星球上的一切都将以循环的方式移动。显然,股票市场会是一样的。没有什么可以逃避在这个星球上的PRESET。我们可以拯救地球以拯救人类,同样是为了挽救公司拯救他们的股价,不让它继续下跌。当我回顾12年前,直到今天,我发现我在股票市场上变得更加成熟了。我们所有人都应该明白,没有什么东西是容易的。我们应该努力工作和充分利用我们在选定的领域, 知识和技能努力,使它变成更强大....同样在股票本身,如果一家公司不完全确保一家公司可以保持良好的股本回报率 (ROE)和资本回报率(ROCE)。它不会持续长久。那么,什么是好的公司ROE?基于Warrent Buffett的老师Benjamin Graham,一个好的公司必须超过15%以及ROCE也一样。因此,我们应该保持自己清醒,只选择有良好根本的公司,以避免被困在坏公司。

Long time ago, as mankind we understand about salvation, everything in this planet earth will be moving in cycle way. Apparently, stock market will be the same. Nothing can run away from what has been PRESET in this planet. We can save the earth to save mankind, it is the same for saving a company to rescue their stock prices by not letting it continues dropping or plunge. When, I look back 12 years ago until today, I found I became more mature in stock market. All of us should understand that, nothing comes easy. We should WORK HARD and FULLY UTILITISE our knowledge and skills in our selected field to make it GREAT.... It is the same to stock itself, if a company doesn't fully ensure a company can keep in a good Return on Equity (ROE) and Return on Capital Employed (ROCE). It will not last for long. So, what is a good company ROE? Based on Warrent Buffett teacher Benjamin Graham, a good company must be more than 15% as well as ROCE. Therefore, we should keep ourselves awake by choosing only company with good fundamental to avoid being trapped in bad company.

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